“I’m In Love With You”

I will always feel pride when I do a great job on a speech. Whether writing for an exec or coaching his/her delivery, I do my best to live up to my tagline: “Sound like yourself … only BETTER.”

But THIS … this is a different kind of pride. It’s the pride AND humility I feel when I hear my lyrics sung by the great Jason Walker. Jason brings my friends, The Words, to places they never thought they’d see. He inspires me, plain and simple. As do my collaborators in creating “I’m In Love With You” – each of them, a musical phenomenon: Tony Moran and Ryan Shaw.

“I’m In Love With You” was released on Friday, May 25, 2018. A lucky day and I’m grateful. Thanks to Paul Norman of PNP Videomix for his help, and big thanks to all the remixers and promoters who are contributing their talents to helping the world hear my song and Jason’s phenomenal ability in singing it.